An exceptional need for money? Here is the “Instant Loan”.

We have all already had a pressing need for money. At these times, it’s difficult to know who to turn to. Family? The friends? It’s not easy to talk about money with them. Specialized establishments? Difficult to have an answer in less than 48 hours. For the money, it takes a week! And then all this paperwork to fill …


A little help?

money loans

Cream Lending ‘s Instant Loan was designed to change all that and respond effectively to these situations. It is the result of an exclusive collaboration between Cream Lending and Best Lenders Bank, the banking subsidiary of the Casino group.

From today you can take out small loans, from $ 100 to $ 1,000, in just three clicks, from the Cream Lending application. Money is credited to your account within a minute.

Rest assured, this is not a disguised revolving credit that commits you to the long term and that ends up costing you a small fortune: the Cream Lending Instant Loan is a loan repayable over three months.

In the jargon, it says an ease of payment. It’s a little boost, but certainly not an incentive for unrestrained consumption or over-indebtedness. So before subscribing, make sure you can repay the three monthly payments.


Simple and suitable for all situations?

money loans

The Instant Loan is small, simple, light and can be used to:

  • Replace or repair high-tech equipment (computer or smartphone) or household appliances (washing machine, refrigerator, oven) quickly;
  • Make an exceptional expense (convenience store, surprise);
  • Block an important reservation (plane tickets before prices go up, vacation rental before it’s full);
  • Get an extension at the end of the month (Christmas gifts);
  • Have your money even if your bank has decided otherwise (card limit exceeded on a Sunday, card blocked due to spending abroad without notifying your bank, card that has become unusable or silent).

If you’ve ever experienced one of these situations, or if you know someone about it, you know how stressful they are. This is why the Cream Lending Instant Loan is a model of simplicity.

Enter the desired amount in the Cream Lending application then confirm your request. You will get the answer in seconds. It’s as simple and quick as that.

You can also use this function to spread a large expense over three months. From your payment history in the Cream Lending app, you can borrow the amount corresponding to the amount spent.

Has your Cream Lending profile already been verified? You will not need to provide additional supporting documents.


Clear and transparent?

money loans

Like us, don’t you understand anything about “APR” and the other hidden costs of traditional loans? This is one of the main reasons why we created the “Instant Loan”: we are committed to offering you an honest, clear and transparent service.

Before accepting the Loan, a summary will display the precise details of your monthly repayment and the cost of the operation, with real figures in dollars and no percentage.

Thus, for a loan of $ 199, with the option of instant release of money, you will reimburse $ 212.13:

  • $ 13.14 on subscription
  • $ 66.33 at 30, 60 and 90 days after subscription

Once the loan is taken out, the borrowed money is immediately available in your Cream Lending account. You can use it as you see fit: to pay in store, on the Internet, to make a transfer or even to withdraw money from a distributor.

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