Official loan repurchase for retirement

Public borrowers who still have a few credits to repay and are preparing to withdraw can take advantage of the loan consolidation to reduce their monthly payments.

In addition to the pure credit for civil servants, there is also the civil servant loan, which differs from this in that it offers a number of additional benefits. The civil servant loan is a special loan because, in addition to the current loan, there is also additional insurance in the form of life insurance.


Public Service Retirement: The Imbalance

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An official preparing for retirement finds in 80% of the cases a drop in his income, which can lead to an imbalance when he must notably continue to reimburse the same expenses. As a result, with reduced income and constant monthly payments, an imbalance forms and can force the household into financial difficulties.

The idea when retiring is to use loan consolidation which allows you to combine several loans into one and reduce the amount of monthly payments.


Repurchase of credits for a retiring official

loan credits for a retiring official

Retirement is often a sign of hard years of service in the public service, it is also the achievement of a career and the transition to a retired life. This transition is accompanied by a drop in income, which should ideally be anticipated with a grouping of loans.

This operation allows you to combine several loans into one, which allows you to reschedule the repayment period and reduce the amount of monthly payments. By reducing loan charges in a way that decreases in income, the civil servant borrower maintains the balance within his finances.


Retirement, public service and loan buy-back: good to know

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If the operation is put in place before retirement, Cream Credit can set up financing taking retirement into account (repayment in stages), which makes it possible to offer two different monthly payments, one adapted to the life of an active civil servant and one adapted to the retired situation.

If the borrower is already retired, it is not too late to reduce his monthly payments, the site also offers a free simulation without obligation to have an overview of the new monthly payment and the feasibility of the project.

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